Locavore: Local Diet, Healthy Planet
A tasty documentary about returning home to our food supply.

Locavore  lo·ca·vore ˈlōkəˌvôr/ noun a person who makes an effort to eat food that is grown, raised, or produced locally, usually within 100 miles of home.

The four biggest challenges facing America are: economic recession, health crisis, worldwide energy crunch and an environmental collapse. Food is a common factor in today’s challenges of economy, health, energy and environment. Eating locally is the most pro-active response and creates more American jobs, shrinks your carbon footprint and increases the health of the future generations.

This film is about empowering all Americans with the knowledge to return our nation to an economically prosperous land, to revitalize health and vitality, to dramatically reduce our energy use and to rejuvenate our environment. If you care about our future step up to your dinner plate and become a locavore. Our future depends on you. Join the Locavore Movement and reshape the world one bite at a time.

Plus we’ll show you:

  • Where to find local foods.
  • How to dramatically reduce your food bill.
  • The tremendous power you have with your fork.
  • The truth about imported and unsafe foods.
  • How to grow a garden of your own.

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 I really enjoyed Locavore. The messages on the social, political and economic impact of eating local as much as possible were spot on. As a physician, I know that eating more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods would do more for the health of this country than any of the current healthcare reform; proposals currently being discussed in Washington. The overall message of improved health and well being by eating locally and growing your own is indisputable. —Gary Spoto

 Locavore: Local Diet, Healthy Planet goes to the heart and soul of the agrarian life and our connection to the land, something that is so lacking in industrial agriculture. As someone who supports and encourages local, sustainable agriculture, I’ve been thrilled to see all of the movies being released on the subject of how we grow food and it’s consequences on both our health and that of the planet. The movie that really surprised me and one that I enjoyed tremendously was Locavore: Local Diet, Healthy Planet. This movie was not only made for education and awareness purposes, but to help raise money to build a farm school where interns can choose from summer programs to a full 3 year farm program. I strongly recommend everyone to see this film and support the local food movement; you too can become a locavore. —David Bedford

 Locavore is an inspired film with motivated people who are concerned about spreading the important message of local consumption. The film teaches one how to become a locavore and leaves you feeling hopeful about the future. —Ryan Lentz